Update on the Italian Wars Project

Some significant progress on the project over the last few week.

All the river sections are now complete and the roads have been cut into the terrain mats. I have also started work on the trees and the back drops (for the eagle-eyed amongst you, I plan to touch up the back-drops to remove the telephone poles as they are not quite within period). If I have time, I will complete some orange/lemon groves and a vineyard. The unit data sheets have also been revised based on some Thursday night play testing with Pat and his 15mm figures.

All the figures that I had planned to paint for the scenario are also now complete, and I am just painting some "extras" now. I plan to finish another 24 cavalry and if I have time I have 32 foot swordsmen to paint.

Here are some pictures of the cavalry, I will have about 160 mounted figures. Firstly the Spanish and Papal Cavalry:

And here are the French Cavalry; I was quite pleased with how the roads turned out:

So everything looks set for June's game day and the 1503 clash between the French and Spanish forces.

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