Update on the 28mm Italian Wars project

This week I have made some progress on a couple of pike blocks and a command base.

First up is a Papal States pike block, alongside another Papal States Pike block that I paint last year.

Next is a French Pike block, again alongside a previously painted unit.

The final unit that I painted this week was the French overall command base. Its a couple of Regal figures along with an ornate Gendarme and a couple of flag men.

Finally I thought that I would take some pictures of all the units that I have painted so far. I didn't have much space, so I assembled them on the kitchen counter, sorry for the mess.

I still have about 40 French Gendarmes, 1 Swiss Pike block, some Spanish Arquebusiers and a number of command bases left to paint. By the time I have finished, I should have around 700 figures.

Here is a slide show of three pictures:

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