The Horde rides

Just one of the many lockdown projects. I now have 68 of the 98 horde figures painted. The rest should be completed in the next few weeks. They can be used for a variety of armies from Huns (450 AD) to Tatars (1650 AD). As Huns I plan to take on Don Manser's late Romans. As Tatars, I plan to put on the 1651 Battle of Berestechko at a future day of games where they will support some cossacks against the Polish Pancerni and winged Hussars. I am painting the cossacks and Pancerni at the moment. I have also ordered a nice Eastern European church and house from Charlie Foxtrot models to set the scene.

The horde figures are Aventine Miniatures riders on Assault Group horses. I love the Aventine figures, but their horses were just not working for me. Luckily Aventine sell just the riders and TAG sell just the horses.

Let's see what some of the rest of you are painting!!!