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The Black Crusade is coming!

Updated: Jul 31, 2018

You have turned your back on the Imperium. You have abandoned the oppressive society of mankind, and turned to those unknowable entities within the warp: the Dark Gods of Chaos. Now you fight for your new masters, or only for yourself, to gain plunder, glory, and infamy. Perhaps you will gain enough power to lead your own armies, rising up to command your own Black Crusade!

(Updated 7/31/18)

Fall 2018

A Narrative 40k Kill Team campaign.

2-8 Players

This will be a story driven campaign for first time players to die hard chaos renegade veterans. Each player will build their custom 2-7 man(mutant, demon, etc) Kill Team to lead and grow through the various battles of the campaign. We will be using the new Kill Team rules, very slightly modified, with the story based on the Hand of Corruption adventure from the Black Crusdae RPG.

I will be looking for 2-8 Kill Teams, and at least one other player to assist me as GM for the campaign. The Kill Teams will be built using the rules from the New Kill Team game. The individuals in your Kill Team may be given specializations and will gain skills as the campaign advances.

New Players, this is a good chance to beg, borrow, or acquire by other nefarious means a small group of miniatures to get started in 40k with very little investment.

Please let me know if you are interested in participating, and any questions.


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