TGS Productions and the DOGS (Dysfunctional Order of Gamers) have arrived!

Greetings and Salutations Fellow Gamers:

My name is John Mitchell. I am the

Founder, CEO, and President of This Game Sucks (TGS) Productions. Not to be confused with Tristate Gaming Society. Im so happy to join this group. I am looking forward to meeting and communicating to new and old members of Del-Val.

For those of you new members, TGS Productions is dedicated to bringing YOU the Wargamer, a unique gaming experience. Many of the people who have played in a TGS game have reported signs of increased Anxiety, Stress, Homicidal thoughts, and Anti social behavior. In fact, At all HMGS East Conventions, I'm the only GM to have a suicidal prevention officer at each game I run. Try getting that from a Team Yankee game. Good Luck pal.

So please follow the miss adventures of TGS Productions and the DOGS, my own gaming group. As we struggle to exceed your lowest expectations. While smocking cigars and Drinking beer. I'll be glad you did.

K; JMeep Gaming My Friendss

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