Rebels and Patriots. A TGS Productions quick review

Osprey just came out in January with this new Company action, fast play rules for Colonial through Civil war America. It is based on the same game mechanics as Loin Rampart. I really like this for French and Indian war. My Donnybrook gives a good pirate feel. But this works better for F&IW. Watch a quick review on you-tube by Wargames Illustrated for a breakdown. I can see us playing on a Thursday night with multiple players on each side.

I will run a game at Day O Games for anyone who wants to have some fun. My only problem is I am worried that this game wont suck. If anyone want to bring their F&IW 28mm figures and use them. that would be great. With Rebels and Patriots...the more the merrier. By turn two you will know how to play.

To get your own copy. it is usually $20. But Amazon has it for only $14. and free shipping. You cant go wrong.

Keep Gaming my Friends: JM

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