• Ray K

Kill Team begins!

We are close to the beginning of our Kill Team Campaign. Anyone who is participating in the campaign please have your Command Roster built by the Day of Games on Sept 15th.

Below are the directions for building your Kill Teams. I will have the book available Saturday, and printed roster sheets. All models being used in Kill Team must be WYSIWYG. Campaign Game

For a matched play game, you need to create a

command roster of up to twenty models available to

you, all of which must share a Faction keyword. You’ll

find a blank command roster on page 206. Write the

details of each of your models in the spaces provided.

Once the mission has been determined, you then choose

a Battle-forged kill team (see below) from the models on

your command roster.

Battle-forged Kill Team

For your kill team to be Battle-forged, you must adhere

to the following restrictions:

• Your kill team must consist of at least three models,

and no more than twenty models.

• Your kill team must include one (and only one)

Leader – see page 68.

• Your kill team can include up to three other

specialists – see page 66.

• Your kill team cannot include more than the

maximum of any particular model, as detailed on its


• All models must share a Faction keyword

• Your kill team cannot cost more than 100 points.

Each model and each of their pieces of wargear has

an associated points cost, as detailed in the points

section for each Faction. The total cost of your kill

team in points is referred to as its ‘Force’.

It’s a good idea to work out your kill team on a piece

of scrap paper first, as you may have to juggle the

wargear and models to get as close as you want to the

100-point limit.