Italian Wars - checking the terrain fits

I have just completed the last of the terrain for the project and I wanted to check that things fit correctly for the scenario I have planned. I decided to lay things out on our living room floor - unfortunately our cat (not to scale) decided that she wanted to check things out as well.

Here is the view across the river to the town, vineyard and orange grove.

Here is a close up of the vineyard with the row of cypress trees along the road.

Here is a view of the river and bridge, with the road running to the town. The French camp can be seen in the back right. I still may add a few more tents.

Here is a view of the French bridge-head on the left and the Spanish defenses on the right. There is a Swiss Pike block attempting to cross the open terrain.

I didn't want to deploy any more figures, with cat in the background looking to threaten the Swiss flank.

So now all of the figures and terrain are ready for the first battle. Of course I still have a few hundred figures in the lead pile to add to the collection.

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