Holiday painting, Dust and Hun

I decided to use this 4th July (Traitors Day as we call it across the pond), to test out my new Paasche TG Talon airbrush. After watching countless YouTube videos on how to assemble it, disassemble it, clean it, use it etc., I decided to give it a go on some Japanese Dust 1947 walkers - hopefully I can have them ready to beat John at Historicon.

Todays job was to give it a base coat of tank primer brown and then lay down a coat of Testors Dulcote on top. Here are pictures of before and after:

The models of the IJN walkers out of the box

The IJN walkers after the base coat

The airbrush was remarkably easy to use. I managed to coat three of the four walkers before the bottle of Vallejo Model Air paint ran out.

Tomorrow I plan to lay down a coat of Vallejo chipping medium before I do the top coat of black with a medium grey camouflage pattern. I will then chip the model and decal it.

Once everything is dry, I will then seal everything with another coat of Dulcote before I start the weathering process at the end of the weekend.

I also managed to complete three 28mm Hun. These are some test figures that I want to do before embarking on a project to make a Hun army. I was quite pleased with how they turned out. I wanted to put a lot of horse furniture and other items on the figures to give them that on campaign look.

3 Hun test figures using Aventine miniatures figures and horses from the Assault Group.

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