Getting ready for February's Day of Games

Today I decided to start sorting out which figures I will need for next weekend for the Battle of Ariotta (1513). I had not taken my figures out of the boxes since the last Italian Wars battle and I have painted several hundred more since then. I wanted to see how many I have, so I laid them all out on the kitchen counter.

It surprised me how much the collection has grown. My first figures arrived from SteelFist in December 2017, so this is about two years worth of work. There are about 200 Cavalry and 900 infantry so far.

I thought that you guys might appreciate a photo or two.

Not all of these figures will be used next weekend as Ariotta is a relatively small battle - I estimate about 600-650 figures will be on the table. However, most of them, plus another couple of hundred that I still have to paint, will hopefully be on the table for the Battle of Bicocca at Historicon.

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