Dust 1947 - from the depths of the Burmese Jungle

The Imperial Japanese Navy forces, fresh off their decisive victory against the USMC, decided to push into the heart of the Burmese jungle. Facing them were the communist SSU forces.

John admiring his heroic SSU helicopter

The battle was set in outstanding jungle terrain provided by John, who was looking to avenge his last defeat.

The game started with the sneaky SSU helicopter deployed effectively in a counter ninja role. With no effective Anti Aircraft yet available to the IJN, it was almost unstoppable. The helicopter also rapidly dropped an SSU walker to take out the IJN close assault walker that was so effective against the USMC. With these initial successes for the SSU, the normally confident IJN commander was becoming a little concerned.

However, the IJN armor stepped up to stabilize the situation. The two massive IJN rail gun walkers unleashed their 50 Mega Joule rail guns on the SSU armor and the IJN artillery walker took care of the SSU infantry.

With the ground forces eliminated, the age old concept that you cannot hold the ground with air power alone proved true. The IJN walkers moved to quickly capture the objectives and a very, very closely fought battle drew to a close.

With the Imperial Japanese Navy forces at 2 for 2, it looks like it will be up to the Germans to try and stop their unrelenting march across the globe. That battle may have to wait until the Japanese have purchased and Anti Aircraft walker or two.

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