Dust 1947 - After Action Report

Thursday night saw the long awaited show down between the USMC and the Imperial Japanese Navy forces.

The USMC had a 100 point army anchored around the massive 30 point assault walker. John was supremely confident that even if everything else on the table was killed, this assault walker with the highest class 7 armor and 10 health would be left standing and controlling the field of battle.

The walker was backed up with three units of lighter armor, some rifles squads, a machine gun and a sniper team.

The Japanese also had 100 points, but based their army more on stealth, with three ninja teams and a ninja leader. Supporting them was a light artillery walker, a flame thrower walker (with the new Berlin Camo), and two walkers with high tech rail guns.

John wondering what just happened on Turn 1.

Turn 1 started with John proudly marching his behemoth of an assault walker onto the table to dominate all that lay before it. Unfortunately the above photo is taken a few seconds later and does not show the assault walker as one of Japanese rail gun walkers decided to take a shot at it with its 50 Mega Joule Rail gun and lucky managed to get two hits which instantly vaporized the USMC walker. John was left in total disbelief as a third of his army had disappeared in the first few seconds of the game.

The rest of the first turn progressed with the ninja squads racing up the board taking advanced positions and the USMC infantry hiding behind cover wondering how to deal with the ninjas that they could not see. One of the ninja teams even managed to take control of the sarcophagus in the temple at the center of the board, which was the game objective.

With Turn 1 over, the Japanese were clearly up, but there were still three USMC light walkers to deal with on the left and a lot of USMC infantry on the right.

The first combat of Turn 2 was a battle between the Japanese school girl cadet kill team and a squad of USMC infantry. The marines managed to injure the kill team on their advance, but once the team got into close combat with their katanas, it was over for the marine squad.

The USMC light armor then managed to damage, but not kill, both of the Japanese rail gun walkers. One of the walkers also managed to all but wipe out a ninja squad by getting close and personal with its machine guns. This was the high point for the marines.

The US marines then decided, in a total act of madness, to march into the temple with the sarcophagus and the ninjas. The scene was one of total destruction with Katanas swinging everywhere, not a single marine was left standing. It was like a scene from Kill Bill with the crazy 88s.

The USMC sniper team at the back of the board was left watching the destruction in front of them. They could see their units being killed, but could not see the ninjas that were doing the killing. John questioned why the sniper team had even bothered to show up.

In the final act of the turn, the Japanese flame thrower walker managed to lay down Phosphorous flames on one of the marine light walkers disabling the main gun.

Turn 3 - After the armor duals

Turn 3 saw the rail guns put an end to the last of the USMC armor (except for the one unit that managed to survive the battle). The ninjas and the flame thrower walker then managed to finish off the remainder of the USMC infantry.

The remaining USMC walker did manage to lay down machine gun fire on the ninjas in the temple and wipe them out.

The only Japanese unit not to distinguish themselves in glory on this day was the artillery walker that managed to miss every single shot.

Turn 4 - claiming the prize

With everything dead except one USMC light walker, the Japanese had nothing else to do but walk in and claim the prize in the temple. The ninja leader can be seen standing on the sarcophagus.

The final count was 9 USMC units dead and one walker left standing, but surrounded. The Japanese had two ninja squads wiped out, one ninja squad and one kill team injured and some damage on both of the rail gun walkers. The other two walkers and the ninja leader were untouched.

So with the battle over all that is left to do is thank John for providing the great terrain and for being such a good sport. Hopefully you won't be seeing John's USMC army on eBay later this week.

I also have to now paint a kill mark on the rail gun walker that took out the heavy assault walker.

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