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Cruel seas battle

Played a game cruel sea. American cutter with a dead engine adrift in the Atlantic waiting for help to arrive. On turn 1 2 Higgins pt boats and 1 elco pt boat left their dock and headed for the cutter, while the Germans sent 4 e class boats to intercept and sink the cutter. No fighting on turn 1. Turn 2 all ships moved closer as fog moved in disrupting sight. Turn 3 the German boats spotted and fired on 2 Higgins ships hitting 1 while missing the second and the Elko ships moved to protect the cutter. The cutter repaired her engines and was on the way firing on 1 German e boat hitting the crew and engine. Turn 4 e boat 1 ran into one of the Higgins and caused extensive damage while the Higgins 2 shot and badly damaged the e boat. The Higgins 1 was sunk. German e boats 2.3 attacked and damaged the cutter causing a large fuel leak. The cutter shot on and sunk e boat 3. turn 4 the remaining Higgins and Elko chased down and heavily damaged e boat 1. the German e boat 2 fired on and damaged the cutter sinking the ship while the remaining American ships retreated and the battle ended.c A good quick fight by both sides. Good game.

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