• Ray K

6mm Crop Fields

Strolling through Home Depot I stumbled across small carpet samples for free. Not sure what I could use them for, but knowing they had some hidden potential, I brought a few home with me. Now as I begin to build terrain for FFT 3, I remembered these and began trying to turn them into some German farmland.

The free samples that seemed suitable for fields

First step was to give all the squares a spray of brown. It took 2 heavy coats to get the color saturation I was looking for

This is after the first coat of brown.

Next was a heavy dry brush of tan, vari greens and some yellow.

I added some flocking to create more variations.

Finally the completed fields. I will need to vary the shape of the fields for the next batch and try spraying some with a lighter brown. overall not bad for very little time and cost.

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