28mm Italian Wars Project progressing (slowly)

I am aiming to get everything ready for a game in May.

This week I am working on roads and rivers.

I am also hoping to get another eight Papal States Gendarmes ready for action.

Last week I finished three units of Landschnekt mixed shot (arquebusiers and crossbows) to go with the Black Band Landschnekt pike block in the background.

I also finished 8 Spanish Men at Arms and 16 Papal States Gendarmes (which had been 90% done for the last three months).

I now have the following units finished: 9 pikes blocks (of between 24 and 36 figures), numerous shot units to go with the pikes, 32 mounted troops, some command bases and some canons.

Before May I hope to have two more pike blocks, some more command figures and another 60 mounted troops (Gendarmes, Jinetes and Reiters). Overall there should be around 600 figures ready for action in May.

The end is within sight.

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