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Toys for tots day

Team Yankee Game

Played a team Yankee game   Saturday for toys for tots. The NATO side included Cliff, frenchy, reo,pat. The axis side included Rich m, Victor Nick (  new player) and Rich k.The game went 6 turns and was a very hard fault battle on both ends, which included one objection going back and forth for 5 out of 6 turns. Both sides taking heavy casualties. 

   On the NATO side frenchy move up and controlled the right side while reo setup on the left side, both waiting for the Russian , east German onslaught. Victor and rich m as well As Nick charged to meet the NATO forces only to be met by a wall of dug in infantry on the right and reo’s tanks and cliff Danish on the left. A huge battle erupted with frenchy backing off into the town for better cover while waiting for pats Americans to arrive for support. The battle went on back anD forth for a long time before finally both side lost all the air support the Danish crumbled and the east Germans and Russians stalled. In the end the forward objective was contested by both sides the rear objective was in NATO control. Both sides lost many tanks, infantry and air support but NATO held on for the close victory. Well fought well played battle by all. 

Blood and plunder from kozcon 2018

A great Game of War Cry

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